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About Jermaine Alfred

The articles about him would read: - “Top performer in his field” - “He didn’t tell me he’d make it that easy” - “He was driving but always took me along for the joyride” - “Good enough was never ok. He consistently added the perfect touch” It comes natural for this native Texan with three “first” names, Jermaine Vincent Alfred, to provide his clients first-class service. He is a market-savvy, pragmatic thinker whose successes in the housing industry began over 30 years ago. Stemming from his passion for interior design, he has been successful in everything from home renovations to staging and negotiating. When Jermaine isn’t being domestic, meeting with a contractor or helping someone decide if they should re-design or put a for sale sign out, he loves to rev engines, stay spiritually and physically fit and LOVES traveling with his friends and family. His fiancé is from New Orleans (Who Dat!) so “laissez les bond temps rouler” is their strictly enforced philosophy when they travel. Jermaine is also very well versed in many different service industries. His keen sense for communicating with people and getting the job done are special skills that you can’t learn from a blog or book. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it. Everything he says will be “germane” to making your vision come true. All of his skills coupled with his passion to help people make him the best Realtor for you.

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